Lightcliffe photographer saves a photo every day for 10 years

May 2021 marks the 10th year of Kate Barton from Lightcliffe saving just one photo from her day, every  day of the year on website

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 10:30 am
Kate Barton from Lightcliffe.

Blipfoto is an online photo journal which encourages everyone to document their life with just one photo each day.

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At a time when billions of photos are being shared through social media, Blipfoto asks its members to be more reflective, to choose just one photograph each day to describe their lives.

Kate Barton from Lightcliffe.

It’s an idea that has struck a chord with people across the world and, as a result, built a global community that share their lives through a single image for each day.

Kate who joined Blipfoto in 2011, said: “When I started blipping as a university student ten years ago, I had no idea I would become so addicted.

“I love capturing a moment in time for each day of the year. Each one of the captures speaks a thousand words. It can be driving rain in car headlights to celebrating reaching the top of an Alpine climb on my bike; they all give a snapshot of my world.

“It has made me appreciate the small things and look at the wider world through different eyes, definitely in a more creative way.”

Blipfoto was chosen by the British Library as one of the 100 websites deemed to be essential reading for future generations.

When, a few years ago, the site was at risk of closure, its membership came together, successfully raising over £100,000 to purchase the site to take it into community ownership.

Kate said: “Blip is such an inclusive community. There are no expectations that photographs will be of a fantastic standard or document just the highs of life. You can take a photo of anything, and of any standard, you can be honest about how you are feeling and what is going on in your life.

“It doesn’t feel like any other social media where you feel you must look a certain way or present a certain image.

“Nobody judges, everybody supports and that brings a real sense of community. You become tuned into the lives of others you follow and that feels like quite a special bond, despite being exclusively through photographs shared on an online journal. I simply wouldn’t be without it.”