Annie’s exquisite storytelling

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A magical ‘spoken word’ drama that enraptured audiences and critics alike at the Edinburgh Fringe and was selected for the 2015 British Council showcase is heading for Square Chapel on November 27.

Raymondo is an expertly crafted tale of brotherhood, loss, incarceration, escape, survival, desire, art and resilience.

It’s a story about unpleasantness and kindness, loss and love, simply told by writer and performer Annie Siddons.

With its atmospheric live score of guitars, loops and keyboard, mood enhancing stage set of lamps and rugs, Raymondo is a raw, dark, funny and tender lyrical narrative that will sear through your defences straight to your heart.

Raymondo and his brother Sparky have been locked in the cellar underneath their house for six years. An accident involving a pigeon enables their escape.

But do the brothers, carrying the emotional baggage they collected over the years, have the requisite skills to survive a haphazard and cruel world?

Annie explains: “Once I started writing, the story tumbled out of me, it distilled everything that had angered, moved and inspired me in the world and in my loved ones’ lives over the previous few years’.”

Annie is performing with guitarist Tom Adams who plays the hypnotic original live score by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Marcus Hamblett.

lTickets are on sale from 01422 349422 or in person from the box office.