Bakery spreads the joy of quality food far and wide

Love Bread, Brighouse. Volunteer bakers Jennie Ellis and Sue Sedman.
Love Bread, Brighouse. Volunteer bakers Jennie Ellis and Sue Sedman.

There is no mistaking the mouthwatering smell of freshly baked goods when you step into Love Bread community bakery.

Rows of artisan loaves, still warm from the oven, wait to be delivered to shops across Calderdale and beyond.

Delicious aromas fill the kitchen - a teaser of the goods lovingly crafted by hand, using local ingredients and traditional recipes.

And in plump sourdough, golden sultana and honey loaves, soft scrumptious rolls and other treats for the tastebuds, the hard work of the Love Bread bakers shines through.

The bakery, a not-for-profit organisation, rose to life in 2012 with the aim of bringing the benefits of baking bread to Brighouse and Calderdale communities.

Now, a new community kitchen within the bakery premises will help Love Bread spread the joy of baking to even more people.

Carole Roberts, 43, a director and baker at Love Bread, said: “We really wanted to bring more people in to get them involved so we applied for Big Lottery Funding to put in a community kitchen.

“We were struggling to fit everyone in and we wanted to get more schools involved.

“The idea with children and schools is to get kids baking and getting them to understand what is in the food they eat.

“We are now running breadmaking workshops open to the public, schools, community groups, guides, the WI, or anyone who wants to get involved.

“We use the same recipes here as we do in the Love Bread kitchen and we’re really proud of our new kitchen.

“There are eight different workstations. We can accomodate up to 24 people at a time and we’re also hoping that we can hire the kitchen out to businesses who would like to come and run some of their own workshops.”

Jennie Ellis, 67, a volunteer at Love Bread, enjoys being a part of the organisation’s dedicated work within the community.

“This week I’ll be in from 4am to make bread for Bread of Life, which is a community bake that helps churches,” she said.

“They sell the bread across lots of different churches on a Sunday morning, so we bake a few hundred loaves which they then sell.

“It’s helping the community and the group that sells it are helping the homeless and food banks, which is a very worthwhile thing.”

Sue Sedman, 69, also a volunteer, added: “We get involved in street markets. You meet people who are literally running from here under the underpass, taking tray upon tray and hundreds of loaves are sold. We can’t make enough.

“We also go into schools, which is excellent.”

A member of the Real Bread Campaign, Love Bread aims to keep baking simple so that everyone can enjoy good bread.

And with a range of workshops covering the basics of bread making to speciality loaves, there’s an opportunity for all to enjoy a freshly baked loaf made by their own hands.

Carole said: “We think it’s an informal and very apporoachable community bakery. Our product is great and it’s a product that we are proud of.

“The workshops we run are great and nearly everyone comes back. We have a lot of repeat customers.”

The community kitchen can also be booked for parties, workshops or private events and Love Bread has secured funding to allow not-for-profit or community organisations based in the HD6 postcode area to use the facilities at a discounted rate.

For more information, visit, email or call 07842 073888.