Smart way to take a picture

editorial image

May sees the launch of a new exhibition at Craftlocker in Elland called #notjustforselfies.

It features the work of Halifax registered nurse and photographer Laura Nicholson and is made-up entirely of pictures taken and edited using an ordinary smartphone.

Laura took up photography at 14, doing an evening course at Calderdale College and swapped her camera for her phone about six years ago.

The exhibition reveals a range of pictures that can be captured on a phone camera and encourages people to make wider use of technology that most of us carry in our pockets.

People generally assume Laura’s work is produced using a high-end camera, such is the clarity of her images but she prefers the accessibility and flexibility of taking pictures using her smartphone.

Her subjects range from stunning local landscapes to misty beach scenes along the north-east coast like the one in the accompanying photograph.

She also excels at detailed, close-up studies of colourful flowers and architectural features, sumptuous bright abstract pieces and other compositions which take a wry look at modern life.

There are around 80 pictures making up the exhibition which is running until May 30.

Craftlocker is a gallery and educational space in Elland. Since opening eleven months ago, it has hosted six other exhibitions.

For more details call 01422 648688.