Rastrick’s needs put in the picture

Tom Brown with some of the youngsters who took part in the project
Tom Brown with some of the youngsters who took part in the project

THE positives and negatives of Rastrick were pictured by youngsters as part of a photography project.

Over a four week period a group of ten young people toured the area looking for areas they felt were some of the most important to residents.

During the project, run by the Youth Association, they learnt about photography how to frame a picture and how they shouldn’t take a picture into the light.

The event proved to be quite a discussion point within Rastrick as all the young people talked about what was important not only to themselves but to everyone in the area.

“They came up with various places they thought were important,” said Tom Brown, who ran the project. “We gave each of them a disposable camera and they took various pictures at different places and experimented in different ways.

“We then went back out with a high quality digital camera and tripod to capture the final images which are exhibited at Field Lane Primary School.”

Once the seven final images were selected the youngsters put together a questionnaire which was sent out to residents.

The questions included: What do you call this place? How long have you known it? What does it mean to you? What do you use it for? How do you think these places should be changed?

“We got some really mixed responses back from people,” said Tom.

James Marsh who took part in the project said he really enjoyed it. “We learnt how to use a camera and I found things I didn’t realise were there before even though I have lived here all my life,” said the 12-year-old.

Councillor Christine Beal (Con, Rastrick) said there were some great pieces of work. “They have gone out and taken all the pictures and taken a broader view of the area while at the same time they have learnt about different perspectives with the responses to the questionnaires. There are some really constructive ideas and creative ones too. And most of them I think are achievable if people work together.”