‘Magnetic’ debut for gallery’s first art fair

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Magnetic North, Dean Clough Galleries’ first art fair, will be held on September 5 and 6 from 10am to 4pm.

The project has been organised by Alison Cunningham-Dunn who has been involved in the Halifax art scene for a number of years, running galleries, pop up exhibitions and a national art prize. The art fair will showcase the best of the region’s artistic talent with contributions from Tom Marine, Christine Relton, Paul Railton, Michael Barritt, Louis Benoit and many others.

In addition performance artist Tom Estes who appeared at this year’s Venice Bienniale where he was awarded a residency will perform for visitors.

The work of Tom Estes has been seen all over the world. At Magnetic North he will perform his piece ‘Virtual Drawing Machine’ which explores new technologies with a sense of wonder and humour. Taking on the role of a virtual consciousness or computer programme, he attempts to break his restrictive programming by creating child-like scribblings on a 1970s typewriter.

Entry to Magnetic North is free.