Groups sign up for procession

Brighouse gala.'procession
Brighouse gala.'procession
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THREE bands, ten floats and a long list of walking groups have already signed up for Brighouse Gala’s procession.

Among the bands are 5th Halifax (Elland) BB - Old Boys Band, Thornbury ACF Drums Platoon and Eclipse band.

The ten floats include Bridge End Nursery, Clifton Rangers, Brighouse Juniors, Brighouse 1st Guides and Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Nurseries. Each of the floats are 40ft articulated lorries which will make their way from Marshalls depot in Halifax Road, Hipperholme.

Last year the procession only attracted three floats but the number this year has rocketed.

Bob Parker, who organises the procession, said it was a complete mystery why the procession had attracted so many floats this year. “Four of the lorries are sports orientated so it could be linked to the Olympics.

“The main problem that people have had in recent times is getting enough support to build it up and organise it. Whether we are just fortunate this year that they have found people or more people saw it last year and thought we might be able to do something like that,” he said.

All interested parties should be ready to set off from Garden Road, Brighouse, for the route along Lightcliffe Road, Waterloo Road, Halifax Road and down through the town centre and on to Bradford Road and to Wellholme Park.

“People can still enter or just turn up on the day because I will have to organise the procession on the day. I would rather there be more people than it look empty,” said Mr Parker.

“It is going to take a while for the procession to make its way to the park especially with ten floats. This is certainly the biggest one I have know for a number of years.

“We can only put it all together thanks to the help of staff at Marshalls who donated their lorries and staff for free on the day which is just wonderful.”

People can start getting their floats ready from 9am on Saturday, June 30.

Anyone who would like to ring in advance to take part in the procession can call Mr Parker on 01484 388596.

“I don’t mind people ringing me, the more I know about the easier it is. There are lots of walking groups this year including a wide variety of charities,” he said.

COULD you win the Brighouse Echo sponsored fancy dress competition? Entrants have the chance to take part in the procession.

There are three classes this year - children up to three, four to seven and eight and over. Adults are more than welcome to join in the fun. The entry judged best overall will be presented with the Donna Reaney Trophy.

Anyone wishing to take part should gather with their parent or guardian at the top of Lane Head recreation ground, near to the changing rooms from 12.15pm onwards.

The open meeting for the gala will be on Monday at 8pm at Hove Edge Bowling Club.