Boxing Day floods from three angles

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Hebden Bridge and Mythlomroyd Arts Festival have joined forces to host a special screening of three short films reflecting on the Boxing Day floods that devastated both towns.

Each of the films that will be shown on Saturday April 23 at Hebden Bridge Picture House reflect in very different ways on the aftermath of the floods.

The first film by Geoff Brokate and Paula Sutherland was commissioned by Mythlomroyd Arts Festival and is a poetic and moving combination of footage shot in the aftermath of the flood, with poetry and contributions from local people who were affected.

Unearthing surprising stories of a community coming together in adversity, ‘Calder’ documents the transformative impact of the flood and the personal challenges faced by individuals attempting to make positive changes in its aftermath.

Mytholmroyd Arts Festival’s Artistic Director, Annie Harrison said: “Paula and Geoff have captured the resilience and resourcefulness that is at the heart of Mytholmroyd, and has not been dampened, even by the Boxing Day flood.”

That film is followed by local film director Nick Wilding’s short ‘Floods Again, What caused the floods and how to prevent them being so destructive in the future’ looking at what happened on Boxing Day and investigating if the depth of those floods were directly related to a failure to maintain the river beds and their banks.

It makes a plea for members of the Environment Agency to remove the vast piles of rubble and silt from the catchments of river confluences.

The film show will be rounded off by a short trailer for a film by Jason Elliott - scheduled to be shown in full this summer - where he interviews people affected by the flood and those who volunteered to help the town recover.

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Director Helen Meller said:

“When we booked the Picture House we intended to show some very different films looking at life in both towns, but given the events on Boxing Day, and its aftermath, it seemed a perfect opportunity to showcase the Artistic community’s initial response to the disaster.”

After the film there will be an open question and answer session chaired by Councillor James Fearon, Mayor of Hebden Royd.

He features in Nick Wilding’s film and will be talking to Barry Greenwood and Anthony Milroy who also appear in Nick’s film and Mytholmroyd Arts Festival Artistic Director Annie Harrison who also appears in ‘Calder’.

Admission to the screening is free. The doors open at 4.30pm and the screening starts at 5pm.