Winning banger racers say ‘Don’t scrap it - race it’

CW Motors, Rastrick'left Charles Ashton, Daniel Ashton and Christopher Wells
CW Motors, Rastrick'left Charles Ashton, Daniel Ashton and Christopher Wells

EVERY year at Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, Chris and Jenny Wells of C W Motors Garage, Rastrick Common, enter the Crosland Moor Banger Racing competition and this year proved successful for Jenny who was second in the Ladies Final.

“It is the only race that we enter and it is just for pure fun.

“It was really well attended this year with 70 cars entering the 10 heats plus of course everyone’s family and friends along for support,” said Chris.

“Any car can enter. There is anything from a Nissan Micra to a Saab or Ford Mondeo going round and they are all just about ready for the scrapheap.

“All the glass is removed, lamps and air bags and no roll cages are fitted.

“You put snow tyres on the front and off you go. Jenny and I don’t go breaking our necks but some people that go round are pretty fearless.

“The course had changed this year and there were not as many straights, plus with the rain it turned it in to a bit of a skid pan.

“I think the most we got up to was around 40-45 mph.”

Married for 14 years, Chris and Jenny have been entering the event for the last three years and will be there again next year.

This year they were sponsored by Millers Oils, just up the road from the garage who, as part of the deal, gave them 10 gallons of diesel.

“We painted our cars up in Millers Oils colours plus stickers and of course put a few C W Motors stickers on there too,” said Chris.

“It costs us £20 each to enter and it is real value for money.

“You have two heats and it is five laps per heat. If you win or come second then you automatically get entered into the final and then at the end of the day there is a demolition derby and the winner is the last man or woman standing!

“Jenny and I don’t enter that though. We let those who have no fear do that one.”

Chris and Jenny were introduced to the race by close friends of the family, Charles and Daniel Ashton.

Father and son, Charles and Daniel also raced in the same colours in a Rover 220 Diesel and a Ford Fiesta, while Chris and Jenny went round in a Skoda Octavia estate, Peugot 205 and another Rover 220.