Town struggle

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IT was another disappointing defeat for Town against Humberside opposition who wanted it a lot more.

It means Town have only obtained eight points out of a possible 51 since their run of bad form in the second half of the season.

Rangers were keen from the whistle as Town struggled to find their feet on a bobbly surface and with a stiff wind.

They had their first attempt at goal after 10 minutes when Alex O’Keefe provided Nathan Cartman with a sitter of a chance but Rangers keeper Anton Pecoru saved.

Until then Town had not been in the game, but their new signing Chris Walton, two minutes later, had a shot on target which was saved.

In the 16th minute, Paul Wilson put a cross into the Town box but keeper James Waggett cleared and two minutes later was called upon again to save, however Danny Clark was on hand and quickly buried the ball in the net.

In the 34th minute Waggett made a great save to scupper another attempt from Clark and Town held off further challenges to go in trailing 1-0 at half-time.

Three minutes into the second half Craine took a deflected ball off Waggett’s clearance and followed it all the way into the back of the net to make it 2 - 0.

Craig Smith, carrying a lower back injury, was substituted by Danny Hull.

In the 55th minute Rangers made it 3 - 0 with a penalty by Martin Thacker after Town’s central defender Ben Charlesworth’s scissor tackle, which the referee deemed a spot kick.

Town seemed to get a second wind, thanks to some skillful play from Hull, and began to put pressure on the Rangers goal but could not quite complete.

Fresh legs entered through Lee Burgess and Marshall Riley with Walton and Charlesworth leaving the pitch.

In the 73rd minute Clark hooked a ball from the right and Tom Chippendale, not long off the bench, headed it virtually out of Waggett’s hands to make it 4-0.

Chippendale then beat Waggett again but Town captain Simon Wood kicked it off the line.

In the final minutes Waggett was called upon to save again..