The big voice of sport

Last week I was participating in the Lightcliffe Cricket Club’s Tapster’s Challenge.

Over the four days of the Cheltenham Festival you fire your choices in each morning and then await the 1.30pm start.

At the end of each day Gareth Stevens, the club’s former fast bowler, and new second team skipper Michael Brooke tot up the scores - five points for a win and two points for a place.

Despite fighting off a bout of neuralgia I managed to pick out my selections.

What a week I had, as for three days I topped the table and then hit the front on the last day to win outright.

The adjudicators had me on 67 points and my nearest challenger was club president John Brooke on 54.

Then over the weekend I received this communicae from Michael Brooke: “Big Voice’s win even more impressive; he actually got 72 points, not 67 as Hurricane Fly is missed off as a win in the final totting up”.

Tom Powe took the Wednesday leg from me on a countback of who had the better starting prices after we had tied. I had taken the Tuesday leg on a countback myself after a 66-1 shot had come in second.

Michael joked that I am banned from entering their Ascot Tapster’s Challenge in June, so I may well have to ban them from having any match reports in Echo Sport!

It was great fun and excitement for a fiver and as a thank you I will be sponsoring a match for them in the coming Bradford League Division One season. See, lads, I have no hard feelings!

Finally, please note..Dave Potkins just been on to say get your Brighouse CC Workshops 2013 entries in for March 28 which is draw date at Brighouse Sports Club.