Strong tackling at end seals victory

A VERY close game in the fog was decided in the last quarter.

Brods kicked off in the first half and with a strong follow up pressured Ilkley from the start.

A Brods lineout followed allowing the ball to be passed down the line, showing the Brods players capable handling skills.

Good runs followed by Harry Dunne and Joe Sealey, which allowed their side to push nearer to Ilkley’s try line.

Good supportive play by the backs resulted in Brods first try by Jimmy Hodkinson.

Brods kept up their attacking play and movement of the ball, which allowed the next try to follow by Oliver Anderson, converted by Tom Wilson.

Unfortunately as Brods have learned, keeping up their defensive line and concentration is key, as following a penalty Ilkley stormed forward, to score their first try as the half-time whistle blew to make it 12- 5 to Brods.

Ilkley came out with more determination and Brods allowed them to capitalise on this with a quick try, which took the scoreline to 12-10.

Some encouraging words by the coaches fired the team back up and with strong tackling by the whole team, Ilkley were denied a further chance to score.

The second period was full of penalties and dropped balls by both sides.

The Brods big hitters on the day were Luke Chadwick and Tom Wilson. Jimmy Hodkinson was man of the match.