Union VIPs poised to headline Brodettes’ festival

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The Brodettes, like a lot of other teams in rugby and football, were left disappointed last Saturday when their planned pair of curtain-raisers at North Ribblesdale were called off owing to the state of the pitch, which were only just fit enough to stage the senior game.

However, they do have a major event to work on in the meantime set for April as well as looking forward to other fixtures across January, February and March.

The Brodettes’ rugby festival will be on Sunday, April 3, when the girls and ladies take over Woodhead. The Lady Mayor of Calderdale is coming, Brodettes chief Sharon Crowther receiving confirmation from her office last Friday.

“The RFU are looking at getting some VIP’s to the club with some notable names being aired but not for public consumption, we are told at the moment,” said Sharon.

The Rugby Football Union are very keen to see the women’s game expand just like it is in football across the United Kingdom.

Next Sunday, the Under-13s travel to Sandal to play in a threeway game (friendly), whilst the Under-15s travel to Sheffield for a friendly.

Sharon continued: “The weekend after, January 24, the U18s are back in the 
National Cup against the East Coast Girls from Malton, 
Bridlington and Scarborough, so that should be a great game and one we are hoping to win to stay in the cup games.

“The Under-15s play Baildon at home in the National Cup and the Under-13s are having a weekend off.

“On January 31 the Under-13s and Under-15s travel to Newark, for a friendly game, whilst the Under-18s are playing against West Park Leeds at home in the National Cup.

“We’ve never known it so busy!

“We just need to recruit more Under-18s players as they’re at that age now where they have part-time jobs, boyfriends, learning to drive, and exams, so one week we could have 13, the next just eight and it is a worry with exciting and competitive games for them.”