Pair set to serve up tennis record bid

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THE average tennis match can last a few hours and even the fittest will know when they have had enough.

But Rastrick Tennis Club members James Finnigan and Joe Marriott will be play for 24 hours over the weekend of August 6 and 7 in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Both 19-year-olds study at Huddersfield University and will be supported by friends and family and are also looking to the public to support them both finacially and vocally over the course of the weekend.

“Just the two of us will be playing solidly for 24 hours to the rules of the Guinness Book of Records. For every hour that you play you earn a five minute break.

“We will be looking to go as long as possible without a break so that we can store up the time and use it later for sorting out our blisters,” said James.

“The tennis will not be fast and furious like a real match by any means and we have been putting in the hours to prepare.

“Staying awake will not be the problem.

“At the moment we have done 12 to 13 hour sessions and as the time grows closer we will look to up it. The week before we have said that we won’t be doing anything so that our bodies are fully rested and the batteries recharged,” he said.

“Depending on the weather we will start off outside and then as the light starts to fail we will move to the indoor courts.

“The club will be holding an open day in conjuction with our marathon and there will be refreshments on sale, with the monies going towards Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

“We opted for this cause as we feel it does not get the publicity it so rightly deserves and also a friend of my sister was involved in a serious crash on the motorway.

“Thanks to the speed and skills of the air ambulance it saved his life,” said James.

Both former pupils of Rastrick High, they have been playing tennis for about eight years and play in all the local leagues.

The pair are looking to raise around £700 and with a little over a month to go have so far got around £200.

“As well as sponsorship it would be great if any local businesses would like to get involved and they can get in touch with us via the club.

“The club is having a meeting to look at other things to possibly run alongside our games to make it a successful day.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor James and Joe in their efforts, can go online to