Speeding tickets and medals

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Competitions for the swimmers from Brighouse Swimming Club are now back up and running after the long summer break.

A journey east to Beverley on this past Sunday was the destination for The Doncaster Dartes September Sprints Meet.

Ten swimmers competed in various events throughout the day putting all their hard work into practise and getting fantastic results.

Nine-year-old Ben Calligan took his fair share of bronze medals along with team-mate Evan Clark. Both boys gave great performances in the pool.

Emma Sykes (12) proudly wore her silver and bronze medals whilst also gaining a Speeding Ticket for swimming too fast in the 100m Individual Medley.

Martha Garnett and Dylan Walch secured new personal best times, Dylan taking home gold and bronze medals and a speeding ticket and Martha a bronze medal.

Cameron Prices efforts saw him take one of each, of the medals; gold, silver and bronze and a speeding 

In the afternoon session nine-year old Megan Walch achieved new personal best times whilst team mate Ellis Kaye secured her A and B grade times.

Laura Whittington and 
Ruby Harris, both 10 years-
old also achieved new personal best times, speeding 
tickets and a bronze medal for Ruby.

It all represented a great start to the competitions for BSC who yet again were commended for their excellent attitude towards swimming and the team spirit they demonstrate on poolside.