Rose Bowl: Robinson beats Halliday in final

Beaten finalist: John Halliday in Sunday's event
Beaten finalist: John Halliday in Sunday's event

Simon Robinson won the Sowerby Bridge Association’s Roberts Rose Bowl Handicap, sponsored by Maurice Boyd, at West End BC on Sunday.

He beat John Halliday by 21-15 in the final.

Robinson was 7-11 down in his first game against Lynden Harris but took the lead with a break of five. Harris led again by 15-14 but Robinson recovered to go 18-15 up and, in a tight finish, held on to win by 21-19.

In his quarter-final, he trailed Simon Page by 5-9 before taking the lead with a break of eight. Page was only one behind at 14-15 but Robinson regained control to win by 21-17.

He opened with a break of nine in his semi-final, against Matthew Pearson, and dominated the rest of the game to win by 21-9.

Halliday led by 10-5 in his opener against Brian Hildred but Hildred fought back to edge ahead by 14-13. Three consecutive pairs took Halliday to 19 and, after a single to Hildred, he scored a pair to win by 21-15.

His quarter-final, against Julian Dawson, was one of the closest of the day. Dawson went 11-4 up but Halliday’s break of six narrowed the gap to a single chalk. Halliday led by 16-13 but Dawson recovered to draw level at 17. The scores remained tied at 18 and 20 before Halliday scraped home with a single.

Halliday was behind by 4-10 in his semi-final against John Hamer but fought back to draw level at 11. Hamer eased ahead by 14-11 before Halliday won back the jack and finished with a break of 10.

Robinson made the better start in the final to lead by 13-7. Halliday recovered to 14-15 but managed only one more single.

First round: S.Page 21 B.Malone 20, S.Robinson 21 L.Harris 19, J.Halliday 21 B,Hildred 15, J.Dawson 21 A.Guide 8, D.Hartley 8 J.Hamer 21, N.Parker 21 B.Megson 19.

Quarter-finals: M.Page 19 M.Pearson 21, S.Page 17 S.Robinson 21, J.Haliday 21 J. Dawson 20, J.Hamer 21 N.Parker 17.

The Halifax Association’s Mixed Pairs, sponsored by Well Bowled, is at Sowerby T & BC on Sunday. Entries will be accepted up to 10.30am with play scheduled to begin at 11.00am.