Opportunity missed in thirds thriller

Lightcliffe 3rdXI (148-6) tied with Norden (148-8)

Yet again these two teams were pulled out of the Halifax League Sunday Section Division One computer to play the shortened 30 overs-a-side game with the 10am start and Lightcliffe will feel they missed out on a chance to consolidate their position in the table.

Opting to bowl on a lightly moist track, Lightcliffe struck an early run out. Thereafter 10-man Norden were brisk in their run generation as neither Sam Kalanovic, who caused problems with swing to the Norden left hander, nor Shoaib Hassan, could get to grips with the senior Norden opener, Harrison.

Fifteen-year-old Kalanovic did eventually produce a quality leg-stump yorker to get his man, but then Lightcliffe toiled. Liam Holmes’ first delivery was a no-ball beamer, that arrowed as if fired from a cross-bow onto the big toe of wicket keeper Kevin Booth.

After a delay for much cursing and a change of glove-man- Tom Denham taking over – the resulting injury a swollen purple digit!

Alex Kennedy produced his best spell for the Sunday team this term, aided by the big hands of Sam Godden whose three catches assisted in the bowler’s 4-19 return.

The Norden tail wagged, Lightcliffe dropped some catches and the 148 total was a fair target.

With the team batting down to 11, captain Bruce Lunn shuffled the pack, but Colin Saunders and Denham scratched around and only 12 runs were taken from the first seven overs.

Momentum built slowly as two fifty partnerships involving Jake Broadbent (with Denham, then Sam Godden) got Lightcliffe within distance.

Liam Holmes was run out in a good cause with the team needing four to win from the final over.

Then disaster – Broadbent bowled ball one of the final over for 65, by the veteran Norden captain Greenwood.

Skipper Bruce Lunn stepped forth, to leg-bye a run and when Kalanovic drove two, thank to a mis-field, a scrambled single from the final ball, would have brought victory.

Alas, Kalanovic went for a big one and missed, to leave Lunn stranded mid-pitch as the keeper threw down the stumps.