Cricket leagues’ merger - new details

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Major details of a possible merger between the Spenser Wilson Halifax Cricket League and The Solly Sports Huddersfield Central Cricket League have been revealed.

A joint working party has met for a second time to establish common ground and come up with a 20-point plan.

The plan involves the transfer of all Central League clubs into the Halifax League, continuing with Halifax’s separate competitions for first and second teams.

The proposal is that the current Halifax Premier Division should remain exactly as it is, consisting of 12 teams.

Division One (or Championship) would be extended from its current eight to 12 teams, two of which would be Central League teams that must meet the existing Halifax League ground criteria and full entry requirements.

The remaining Central League and Halifax League teams would be split Into two regional Conferences – north and south.

That would overcome lengthy travel and basically place the majority of Central League teams in Conference South and the Halifax League teams in Conference North.

As per the new YCB Pyramid structure, should a team winning promotion from either of the Conferences, it can opt to stay in the lower division.

The plan, which also includes matters such as finance and umpires, will be put to league chiefs for initial consideration.

The working party, in its statement issued today, said that if both leagues’ management teams approved, possibly adding or subtracting ideas, then all 20 points would be put together in a presentation for all 45 clubs involved.

It would remain the decision of all clubs as to whether to proceed.

The Halifax and Huddersfield Central leagues are the only local members of the new YCB Yorkshire Pyramid West, headed by the Bradford Premier League, and the first major impact of this new structure could occur in 2017.