Old Brods the place to be if you want to try out new TRI code

Whitehill Warriors v Siddal. David Spivey.
Whitehill Warriors v Siddal. David Spivey.

Fancy seeing a new fast and robust sport on Saturday?

Then the home of Old Brodleians RUFC, at Woodhead, Hipperholme, is the place to be for the UK & Ireland TRI internationals.

Played on a circular pitch by three teams of five, it is, according to organisor David Spivey, a mix between rugby, Australian Rules, basketball and American Football.

The goals are shaped, he says, like a giant Lacrosse racquet and you can put two defenders on opposition players trying to score with the throwing of a ball that is like an extended and somewhat flattish rugby ball.

“It’s very hard to kick it at the target but it can be kicked elsewhere in the field of play,” said Spivey, who has just rejoined the Brods after teaching English in Shanghai, where he has lived for the past four years.

Also a former rugby league player with Whitehall Warriors and Siddal, he says the game was first played in Shanghai some six years ago and is now played in America, South Africa, Japan and England as well.

In fact looming on the horizon there is a 27 States competition in America. For the Brods on Saturday from 1pm there are teams representing England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland paying a four round robin event. The first game is between Scotland, England and Ireland, the second between England, Ireland and Wales and then at 2pm the first ever Women’s game in this country.

Some players from Whitehall Warriors, Siddal, Brighouse Rangers and the Brods have over the past few weeks been put through their paces by Spivey and there are also players coming from Coventry and a Gaelic football team in Leeds.

There will also be a junior match at 3.30pm.

Spivey, whose father Richard, also a former Brods and Whitehall player, is still teaching English in China, said they have recently had a World final in Shanghai where the locals really enjoy the sport.