Prospect of one league for West Yorkshire now closer to reality

The Bradford League has merged with the Central Yorkshire League in one of the biggest talking points in Yorkshire League cricket for some considerable time.

The new set-up would be known as the Bradford Premier League and would consist of a Premier Division, two Championships and two Conferences.

The Premier Division would feature clubs who would ordinarily make up the Bradford League Division One in 2016, with two clubs winning promotion and two being relegated.

Clubs in that division must have Club-mark status and an active junior section with a minimum of U-11s, 13s and U-15s and meet the ECB Premier League grounds and facilities criteria. The Central Yorkshire League management board are set to endorse the merger, while the Bradford League will consult clubs at an extraordinary general meeting tobe held on Thursday, August 27.

Bradford League chairman David Young said: “My belief is that this proposal presents a way forward for cricket in West Yorkshire with the new enlarged Bradford League at the forefront.”

Mark Heald, chairman of the Central Yorkshire League, added: “Since discussions have begun, many of us involved have been concerned about the strength of the remaining CYCL divisions and the future of the CYCL itself.”