Helme hits right note in Sydney marathon

Edward Helme in the Sydney Marathon
Edward Helme in the Sydney Marathon

Edward Helme, son of Echoes of the Past, Echo columnist, Chris Helme and his wife Barbara, last week competed in the Sydney Marathon.

Edward has been doing long runs since 1999 when his former police officer father first took him to take part in his first Great North Run.

Since then he has done many more runs of varying distances 5k, 10k, 15k and these have involved many of the Jane Tomlinson events.

Father Chris reveals: “He started to do half-marathons and gradually over a period of time moved up to doing more full marathons.

“He applied for the London Marathon a few times before being accepted and then successfully took part in that.

“He is certainly not a professional runner but he just enjoys doing it as some play football or rugby he enjoys his running.

“All these events are linked to his Just Giving sponsor account he has.

“He supports Macmillan Nurses and all his sponsorship is for that great cause.

“Having done the UK runs he decided to have a look for an overseas marathon.

“He looked at USA, Hong Kong and Cyprus but decided on the Sydney Marathon.

“He spent a week in Sydney before the run and is spending a further two weeks holiday before he returns home later this month.

“His time for the marathon was 3.55:22. and looking at the results there were 24 people registered for the marathon from the UK.”

Edward, who lives in Brighouse and works for Lloyds as an accounts consultant in Leeds, has been well supported by the company in his charitable efforts.

He attended Lightcliffe Church of England School and then went on to Rastrick High School and was not really into sports at school.

Edward started playing at Clifton and Lightcliffe Brass Band with his father and starting on the cornet but quickly moved on to playing the euphonium with the school band, meaning his spare time and much of his school time when free was spent with music and the band.

He eventually stopped playing when he left sixth form.

However, his mum joked that she can now see how he has got his lungs pumping to make these runs by using them on the euphonium!

Edward yesterday informed Echo Sport it was 25 degrees throughout most of the run but towards the end it started to rain which certainly helped in the picturesque Australian city.

“I am hoping to do another next year but too early to 
say which and where yet,” he said.

“There were many different elements to this Blackmores Sydney Marathon 2015 with up to 32,000 crossing Sydney Harbour bridge on four courses.

The runs were varying lengths, including half and full marathons and the wheelchair competitions.

“Everyone was very friendly, and it was a very enjoyable run to take part in.

“What I have seen of Sydney so far is really good and I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of the country before I return home.

“This was my 74th run in eight years, and if I can keep fit what say you that I go on to make a century of them?”