Charlotte’s World of Sport

TOWARDS the end of last week I caught myself watching the Ram Slam T20 cricket from South Africa.

Just as the tremendous three-match T20 series with Pakistan has been in Dubai for England and its supporters, the Ram Slam cricket in the domestic series in South Africa was excellent.

What was staggering in South Africa, and may well make its presence here and elsewhere, is the awarding at certain games of one million rand for the first spectator of the day to catch a six that has gone in to the crowd. In the game I watched a teenager bordering on 20, took a one-handed catch and was then surrounded by his delirious mates and a TV crew.

He was then interviewed in a break in play and said he was on a gap year from university and the money would come in handy! A million rand would in South Africa – you can’t spend your holiday money, as I found out with my husband when we were there. At today’s exchange rate, it is worth £52,000.

Besides the catch for money, they also have ‘dancer of the day’ to the music that blasts out for fours and sixes with a cameraman, by the looks of things, just locking on to the dancers in the crowd. It certainly added to the atmosphere of the game.

Could I just take this opportunity to pass on my condolences to Mrs Susanne Terry and her daughter Jame for the loss of a husband and dear dad last week. For years Malcolm used to come to our house collecting insurance premiums, as they did in those days, and he invariably had some banter and chat with us about his beloved Huddersfield Town and sport in general.

Malcolm, whose funeral takes place next Tuesday lunchtime at Huddersfield Crematorium, will make sure he looks down on the John Smith’s Stadium to make sure new manager David Wagner gets it right and pulls the Terriers clear of trouble. One thing Malcolm would have loved to have seen was Town in the Premier League.