It’s not just all about winning for kids

Brighouse Juniors under-sevens
Brighouse Juniors under-sevens

BRIGHOUSE Juniors Football Club is proud to be continuing to be a FA Charter Standard club.

Football Development Officer Phil Garbe says “This is an achievement we are really proud of, only because of the benefits our players and parents get from being associated with a club that follows the FA guidelines created to ensure children play football in a secure environment, with good coaches and an understanding that this is how succes is measured.

“And it’s not just about winning, especially at mini soccer.

This is sometimes difficult with some opposition teams, who focus on winning at any cost,” he said.

Club chairman Ian Addy said: “The local area has some great clubs that give children an opportunity to play football in a safe environment and whether it be Clifton, Rastrick or Brighouse, we should all remember that good morals and respect for each other, are great attributes to bring to the game of football.”

Some of the developments club members have been working on over the last few months are the Girls Football Academy and the future development of the club grounds at Broad Oak.

The Girls Academy was formed in the summer and is headed by Dave Ellis, a local football stalwart.

“There was a void in the area for girls football and we really wanted to find a solution.

“Dave has done a fantastic job to mould his squad together and with good fortune, we will be able to field two girls teams next year,” said Addy.

Dave Ellis added: “I am really looking forward to next season with a great group of players at my disposal.”

The other major piece of development work is at the club’s Broad Oak ground, where they are currently planning to develop an all weather surface.

Nicola Barker, who is leading this project said: “This has become more important in light of the FA ruling that U11 football will go to 9v9 next year followed by U12s and 13s the year after.

“Of course, none of this would be possible without the fantastic support from Miller’s Oils, who are our club sponsor.

“Millers Oils continue to support Brighouse Juniors strongly and this can only benefit the children,” she said.

Chairman Addy said: “In addition to our partnership with Millers Oils, we were delighted that during the summer, we were asked by Huddersfield Town to help them launch their club partnership scheme.

“It is great now that other teams in the area are also partners along with ourselves.”

The football development continues to be of paramount importance to the club and for next season and it has support from Steve Lister, who works at Huddersfield Town as a full time coach.

He will be assisted by ex-managers and players, such as Courtney Thompson, Tony Brown and Tom Greenwood in developing all the Brighouse Juniors managers and teams.

Steve Lister said: “If there was one message I would like to share, it is for parents and coaches to remember why we do what we do.

“It is for the benefit of the children who want to have fun and play football.

“Let’s try not to complicate it and add too much undue pressure and therefore allow all players, whatever their age to develop and hopefully continue to play football in the future, wherever that might be”’

The annual operating costs for Brighouse Juniors are around £35,000 of which £14,000 is for training and all the facilities associated with coaching the boys and girls at the club.