Hemingways are kicking on

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MOVE over Klitschko brothers the Hemingways are in town!

Kyle, 23, and his brother Luke, 20, have only been kickboxing and doing mixed martial arts since February this year but this past weekend Kyle picked up a gold medal and became British champion and younger brother Luke picked up a silver and a bronze medal!

The event took place at a leisure centre in Chorley and the brothers are part of Fusion which is based in Bradford and the team that went from the club all came away with medals, an impressive seven gold, six silver and two bronze.

Kyle, who is 5ft 8ins tall and a welder by day, and Luke, who is 5ft 5ins and an engineer, are both grade two yellow belts in freestyle kickboxing and they both train in mixed martial arts which is mixed weight.

They are both hoping to get into cage fighting which means the pair will also have to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu, which is the final art to make a cage fighter.

“We both want to go as far as we can with this and would love to do it full time and make a living from it. We will enter as many competitions as we can, get our names about and get Fusion known and then look to promoters and sponsorship etc,” said Kyle.

Training is Monday and Wednesday for mixed martial arts and Tuesday and Thursday for kickboxing and then on Saturday’s it’s an open session training in both plus fitness and conditioning.

Kyle entered light continuous in the morning that got rid of his nerves and in the afternoon it was point semi-contact with two bouts to fight in.

One of his competitors was a grade 1 and the other was a brown belt, which is only three off a black belt and the highest you can go.

Kyle won the gold in the under 65kg Coloured belt section European martial arts association British title 2012.

Luke, who gained his silver and his bronze, had to compete in a higher weight.

“I am 69kg and usually fight in under 70kg but there was no one there in that weight class so I had to move up to under 75kg and they were all six foot tall plus. I won the silver in light continuous and the bronze in semi-contact point,” said Luke.

The brothers were cheered on by parents Wally and Helen Hemingway plus their girlfriends and despite dad Wally being a qualified soccer referee and having heavy involvement at Brighouse Town FC, neither lad has ever been interested in the round ball.

“We have always been into extreme sports and we used to skate and compete in that doing tricks etc,” added Luke.

With Fusion racking up 15 medals, Sensai Nick Guy is extremely proud of the pair especially with them only starting in February this year, as are their parents.

Mum Helen has actually lost her voice after cheering them on!

“It was an amazing day and we are so proud,” added a hoarse Helen.