Heads go down as Town lose again

IT was another defeat for Brighouse Town on Tuesday as they took on Tadcaster, who are riding high in the table.

Injury-ridden Town had a great start to both halves but heads went down and the talking lessened as goal after goal went past James Waggett.

An annoyed Town manager Mark Brier said: “We had a word at half-time and as per usual we started both halves brightly. When you’re down you are down and things didn’t go for us tonight.

“I am very disappointed with the players’ reaction to their first goal.

“We tried to change the system tonight to maybe give them some room to create some stuff.

“Not a lot to say about the game, we got punished and things are not going right for us at the moment.”

For the first 15 minutes the teams were evenly matched and both had prolonged periods in each half.

In the 17th minute Tadcaster went one up.

Waggett saved at ground level but was not quick enough to stop Tom Woolland’s shot that followed.

In the 24th minute Stuart Rice skimmed the crossbar to Waggett’s relief.

A few minutes later Mark Trueman made an unsuccessful attempt on Tadcaster’s goal and five minutes later Waggett saved to scupper Matthew Howgate’s attempt.

Rice continued to be a danger to Town and had a couple of shots that went wide.

In the 38th minute Graeme Whitehead made it 2-0 as he walked the ball past Waggett.

Brier then subbed injured Joe Swallow and brought on the experienced Wayne Crossley who showed his usual enthusiasm.

Tadcaster piled the pressure on and Howgate almost made it three.

Town started well in the second period and words of encouragement followed from manager Brier and the lower than usual home crowd.

After three minutes Crossley fired the ball into the box and Nathan Cartman just failed to connect with his head. From a throw Trueman sent a curved ball that just veered right of goal.

Tadcaster put Dave Hartas on for Andrew Dawson in a bid to curb Town.

Experienced Craig Smith, back at the Dual Seal Stadium, hit a superb shot from 30 yards, but Albion keeper Aaron Reid managed to save it. Crossley also made an attempt on goal which he also snuffed out.

Town looked dangerous as Crossley fired the ball twice in quick succession into the box but each time Cartman could not quite finish.

In the 64th minute Waggett left the goal wide open as he came out of his area and Howgate had an easy opportunity for number three.

Two minutes later a fourth goal followed as Rice, who had been threatening a goal for some time, managed to net one.

This prompted the home fans to begin filtering, sadly, out of the ground.

Tadcaster then brought Tom Reid off the bench to replace Andy Sunley and Brier made two changes bringing Antony Brown and Danny Toronczak on and taking Trueman and Lee Burgess off.

Town’s Smith then sent the ball over the crossbar with six minutes to go, while a minute later Alex Hallam scored a consolation goal from out wide, but it was too little too late.

In the final minute Whitehead put the game to bed with a fifth for the visitors.