Footgolf squad using Willow Valley

Footgolfers at Willow Valley
Footgolfers at Willow Valley

Willow Valley Golf Club at Clifton is hosting the England footgolf squad for training ahead of their quest for the 2016 World Cup in Argentina next month.

The game is growing in strength all over the UK and this World Cup at the Pilar Golf and Country Club near Buenos Aires will be the fourth held.

The first one in 2012 was held by the FIFG in Kisoroszi, Hungary.

The expansive Willow Valley Golf Club, which can be viewed from Clifton Common and by passengers on the M62 near to Hartshead Moor Services, opened its footgolf course in June 2015.

There are no members at the club for the footgolf course, it is purely a pay and play course.

A maximum five can play in each group with nine holes taking around an hour. It is played in the same fashion as golf, with players kicking the ball instead of using a club to hit it.

The club have separate greens for footgolf with large holes and flags for the participants to aim for.

The format of it at present is individual only.

There are no pairs as of yet, although the Willow Valley club is looking into hosting proper competitions in 2016 which could suggest different formats in the future.

Players can kick the ball any way apart from rolling their foot over the top to keep it straight.

Practice for the national squad will take place leading up to Christmas and then they fly out to Argentina straight after New Year’s Day for the event, which will be staged between January 5-10.