Early strike sets Town up for victory

Football - Brighouse Town v Tadcaster.'Tom Matthews for Brighouse.
Football - Brighouse Town v Tadcaster.'Tom Matthews for Brighouse.

BRIGHOUSE Town shocked their visitors by taking the lead after just one minute and 20 seconds and went on to survive a penalty to collect all three points.

Player-manager Paul Quinn said of his team: “I thought we thoroughly deserved the win. We said at half time that they had had a spell but we can’t dominate a game for 90 minutes.

“I was disappointed that we conceded a goal but I can’t fault anyone with their work ethic today, it was tremendous. It shows how far we have come from last year to beat last season’s runner-ups when last year we would, I am sure, have drawn or lost.”

Commenting on the Tom Taylor (goalkeeper) collision, which resulted in a penalty for Bridlington and saw their chairman Peter Smurthwaite put on report by the referee, Quinn said: “There wasn’t a lot Tom (Taylor) could have done to get out of his way, he stood his ground and it was a collision”.

Smurthwaite reckoned the keeper should have got a card - a red one - and felt Taylor’s retention on the pitch cost them a result.

Town’s opener came when the impressive Danny Naidole up the left passed across to Ernest Boafa in the box who banged the ball into the back of the net to continue building his goal tally.

Some five-minutes later and Josh Greenan passed to Craig Hogg and Taylor made a point blank save when it looked all over an equalising goal.

In the 11th minute Boafa set Ben Thornton up, but the ball went agonisingly across the face of the goal.

Some 20 minutes in and Tom Matthews gave Sam Akeroyd a great ball and with keeper Mark Wilberforce out of his comfort zone, Akeroyd failed to capitalise on the chance to extend the lead.

Two minutes later and Tom Richardson challenged the home goal but it went wide and Nathan Cook then fired a power shot from 30 yards out but Taylor was aware and deflected it wide of his goal.

Bridlington levelled the scores on the 30 minute mark when they had a free kick awarded some 22 yards out for Boafa fouling Tom Lee. Greenan, with a sweet left foot, curled the ball and it came off Wayne Aziz and deceive Taylor and went in the net to make it one a piece.

Straight after there was nearly another goal for the visitors when Richardson failed to score from Hogg’s pass, as he was slow on the uptake and Ben Thornton took the ball off his foot and cleared the danger.

On the stroke of half time Naidole sent the ball just inches wide of the goal, bringing gasps from the crowd of 137.

Town had a half time substitution with James Hurtley replacing Akeroyd. In the opening of the second half Bridlington’s Hogg had a gilt-edged chance to extend the lead but fluffed the opportunity.

On 47 minutes, Matthews passed from the right hand corner to Naidole but Wilberforce took the ball off Naidole’s foot.

On 60 minutes the Brighouse goal had a charmed life when Hogg failed to covert a possible chance, but straight away Town picked up their game and Naidole almost struck, the ball narrowly missing the target.

Tom Brown was then brought on to replace a tiring Ben Charlesworth who had worked hard in the home central defence.

In the 67th minute as Brighouse were really picking up their game, Boafa had a shot saved by Wilberforce.

Two minutes later Chris Jenkinson was booked for bringing down Naidole some 25 yards out and straight in front of goal.

Bridlington formed a wall but the skill factor in the free kick took them by complete surprise. It was taken by Joe Mitchell who played a short pass to Naidole who sent the ball into the back of the net to make it 2-1.

In the 73rd minute a penalty was given to Bridlington when Taylor, on a 50-50 chase to fly kick a loose ball in his box, brought down Hogg. Nathan Cook took the penalty but Taylor, for the second home league game in a row, deflected the ball and it went for a corner and again the visitors failed to make anything from it.

Brighouse then brought Craig Billington on to replace Boafa, who the manager later revealed was suffering slight hamstring problems.

In the 90th minute Richardson was booked and given a yellow card for his tackle on Thornton.

In extra time Greenan created an opportunity for Hogg but he missed his chance to equalise.

A minute later Greenan created another chance but there was no one up with him to follow through and Taylor cleared the danger.

In the final minute of five minutes of added time, Eddie Cass was shown the yellow card for his tackle on Naidole.