Another amateur team folds

Footballers needed.
Footballers needed.

The Halifax AFL has been hit by the loss of a second club in six days.

Sun Inn Rastrick today tendered their resignation from Division One, following hot on the heels of Premier Division side Copley United last Saturday.

Both clubs were short of players and the Saturday league has been reduced to 35 teams, raising the possibility that the league might have to revert to three divisions instead of four in 2019-20.

Sun Inn finished third in Division Two last season when playing under the Junction Inn banner but were promoted to meet a shortfall of clubs in the section above.

They had picked up three points from five league outings this season and lost 4-3 to Flying Dutchman from two divisions lower in the Invitation Cup at Savile Park last Saturday when they were without substitutes.

League fixture secretary David Rattigan said fears over Sun Inn Rastrick had surfaced last weekend when he had received an email from the club asking what the procedure was if they had to fold.

The biggest problem now was that the nine remaining teams in the division would only get 16 league games but had still to pay the same seasonal pitch rent, making it more expensive to play.

Rattigan said league officials would discuss the situation at a league meeting on November 12 but at this stage it was unlikely that Division One teams would be asked to play each other three times.

Meanwhile, another first division team, Holmfield, have been given a couple of free weekends as they look to boost their playing ranks.

Holmfield have had to concede fixtures to Hebden Royd Red Star in the Challenge Cup and Brighouse Sports in the league in recent weeks.