I suffered one of the most stomach churning and sickening feelings earlier this week when a friend informed me shortly after 7.15am on Monday morning that I my computer had been hacked.

I put up my `non-exisitent’ account to find that I had no emails left in the mailbox and I couldn’t do a thing.

He even informed me that I had been held at gunpoint in Manilla in the Phillipines and robbed of my money and credit cards and could my friends send me £2,500.

Obvious scam but it didn’t stop my landline and mobile receiving calls and texts by the score. Those who had not been exposed to this before were genuinely enquiring after my health.

All the time I had not left my home and for three hours then on Monday morning I worked with BT Security and BT Technical Helpline to get cleansed of the vrius and lots more probelms before also ensuring they hadn’t hacked into my bank account.

I wouldn’t want to go through that again and could I apologise to anyone whose match report has got lost.

Not a day to remember as the exhaust pipe also dropped off my wife’s litte run around and we had to ensure she noisely limped into the garage for repairs.

I received a very sad phone call on Saturday afternoon from Keith Dickinson, son of former Brighouse CC player and hard working chairman John Dickinson, to inform me his mother Barbara had passed away after a week long illness.

Barbara was always one who kept you on your toes and I had some cracking banter with her over the years. How pleased I was to hear they held a minute’s silence for her at the Brighouse Rangers dinner on Friday night.

I was also saddened to hear Tony Gubba had died on Monday aged 69 after a short illness.

I had known Tony for some 40 years from his and my time on Grandstand with the late Eddie Waring and then Ray French and then I kept bumping into him at football matches.

We last sat together dining in the Reading FC boardroom some three seasons ago - he lived close at hand -a nd I know he really enjoyed his last major job commentating on Dancing on Ice. He missed the last three programmes owing to his illness.