Cricket chairman steps down after 13 years

John Brooke, Linda Riordan MP for Halifax and Paul Ramsden, Lightcliffe cricket Club gala organiser.
John Brooke, Linda Riordan MP for Halifax and Paul Ramsden, Lightcliffe cricket Club gala organiser.

LONG-serving Lightcliffe Cricket Club chairman John Brooke has stepped down after 13 years. He will be replaced by player-secretary Steve Hartley.

Bruce Lunn will take over Hartley’s role, with Dave Curran continuing to as treasurer.

Brooke will continue to take a keen interest but has decided to take more of a back seat.

The decisions were taken at this week’s annual meeting.

In a letter to members Brooke said: “It has been a thoroughly enjoyable 13 years.

“I remember, back in 1998, saying that I hoped that the club could build on the legacy of the foundations built by my predecessors and especially George Bottomley whom I followed. This I believe has been the case.

“The club continues to attract thoroughly agreeable people as players and members, and this is due in no small way to those already involved.

“During my 13 years as chairman I have had the support of a very good team of people.

“Four individuals, who were closely involved with the life of the club as officers or committee members when I took over from George, are still at the forefront of life here.

“Rodney Heyhoe is still groundsman and league representative; David Curran treasurer; and Roger Stead, for so long the first team captain until 1997, is still involved in many aspects of the club’s life.

“Duncan Powe, now deputy chairman, joined the committee the following year.

“They and many others have made, and continue to make, an enormous contribution to the life of the club. I am so grateful for that.

“I would like to wish Steve and Bruce every success in their new roles and I know the club will be in good hands with those two talented people as chairman and secretary, respectively.

“Both have served the club well for many years and their nominations received the unanimous backing of the committee.”

New chairman Hartley said: “It’s a real honour to be elected as chairman of Lightcliffe Cricket Club.

“John has done a tremendous job for the past 13 years and will be a very hard act to follow. I’m delighted he will be on hand to offer advice from behind the scenes.

“The club is in a good position both on and off the field and I look forward to helping us go from strength to strength.”