Craig makes it a sunshine win

COMPETITION Secretary and club board member Craig Helliwell won Saturday’s Handicap Cup at Crow Nest Park, which was bathed in sunshine.

He came out top in a field of 31, playing off handicaps between 7 and 15 in a medal format.

Helliwell took the trophy by one shot with a gross 78, nett 66. The runner- up was Chris Wood, who shot a 78 off a handicap of 11.

The ladies’ Ellisford Trophy, which has been played for since 1998, took place on Sunday. It produced a new champion in Sue Berry, who had a nett 63 playing off 33. She won by seven shots.

Runner up was Julie Langfield (nett 70) and third place was former Ladies Captain Mandy Widdop with a nett 71.

l RESULTS - Lightcliffe Ladies Section - Flag Competition: 1, Sue Ramsbottom; 2, Noreen Titterington.

Stableford Final: 1, Sarah Wickens 35 points; 2, Jane Killian 35 points.

Nine- hole Designated Stableford: 1, J Waithman 16 points; 2, Christine Leeming 16 points.

Elland Ladies Section - GFC: 1, Tracey Ward 88-17=71 (back 9); 2, Annie Green 94-23=71.

EWGA: 1, Jill Goody 111-35=76; 2, Stella Jenkins 108-31=77.

Mr Rabbit Captain’s Ladies Medal: best nett, Mary Mellor 87-19=68; second best nett, Elaine Sunderland 101-29=72. Best gross: Janet Evans 93. Nearest Line: Jenny Priestley