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Charlotte Henbest
Charlotte Henbest

A VERY interesting late night documentary on BBC One on Monday portrayed former tennis star Martina Navratilova.

In light of the past weekend’s open days, sponsored by the Lawn Tennis Association, at the likes of Park Tennis Club and Rastrick Tennis Club, Martina revealed she was too good even at the age of 14 to hang around her village club some 45 minutes from Prague.

Wimbledon fortnight does get us talking tennis but before or after then, the game just gets wrapped up in mothballs unless there is a Davis Cup or Andy Murray is contesting the Australian Open.

When you’re next out and about, take a look on the school complexes and see how many tennis courts you can see. Not very many, and this is where we are going wrong.

If we are to really take on the world and find a few more Murrays and Tim Henmans, then sports curriculums at schools need to include tennis and have at least half a dozen courts laid at each school.

It was great to hear that both Park and Rastrick had good turnouts at their open days and even signed up some new members.

It’s a sport that keeps you fit and needs high levels of concentration and would be a great discipline for the youngsters of today.

Rastrick has a superb indoor facility like Queens Club in Halifax and you can play all the year round but it needs daddy to dig into his deep pockets for membership isn’t as cheap as taking him or her to the local football, rugby or hockey club.

However, this is where the LTA need to come in, backed by sports grants, and ensure there is money set aside to cushion costs and provide the necessary equipment.

It’s a great game to watch played at the highest level with the serving, rallies and all manor shots produced and I just hope education authorities across the British Isles can look to make tennis a number one priority.