Charlotte’s World of Sport

Call it a woman’s intuition but as soon as Uwe Rosler said he had no idea the ‘Sound of Music’ was filmed in Salzburg and the beautiful slopes of the mountains that are the backdrop to the city, then I knew he was on a downward slope at Elland Road!

I could not believe that an educated German did not know that fact when an ITV Yorkshire sports presenter asked him the question when Leeds United were on their pre-season tour in Austria and ever so near to the hills where Julie Andrews sang her heart out.

Like Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, I have been to Salzburg playing with the Rastrick High School Brass Band and was fully aware the classic film was made there and we couldn’t get away from the ski jump as it backs right onto the beautiful city.

On a serious note now over the Leeds United fiasco, if I had been Mr Rosler or his agent I would have stuck it out at Griffin Park and not even been lured to Wigan Athletic.

Just because Brentford, where he had done a great job, was not a fashionable club he got lured to Wigan and then after being out of work because he failed to deliver there he gets pulled in at Leeds United, a graveyard at the moment for any manager/head coach and chief executive officer.

Take for example Adam Pearson who only lasted a few months with Mr Cellino as CEO and now finds himself in the bad books with his Hull FC fans as he has just sold his best forward to Warrington Wolves, namely Joe Westerman for a paltry £150,000 after promising to take the ‘Black and Whites’ to the very top in Super League.

Interesting to note you Wolves fans, Joe has two nicknames, ‘Big Joe’ for the male fans and ‘Brad Pitt’ for the ladies. What nickname have the Leeds United fans given Massimo Cellino?

I was about to start with the ‘Joker’ and then my husband said your column isn’t big enough to list them all.