Big Voice of Sport

I REACHED a big milestone in my life on Monday when I became 65. However, retiring is very far from my thoughts at this moment in time while the old cogs continue to turn and I can use a little 3 in one to lubricate!

My wife suggested the day before we partook of a little afternoon tea and we must be away from the house before 3pm. No idea I would be meeting up at the Casa at Brookfoot with my family and extended family for a late Sunday dinner.

All I can say is that is was a lovely surprise, a superb meal and with great service.

There was work and play on the Monday, the big day itself, and I was delighted by the number of calls, emails and cards I received before all the family descended upon Parker Towers across teatime for a huge dinner and grandma’s special trifle.

Delighted to receive a card from my former editor, Stephen Firth, who I worked with for some 16 years on the Echo.

To start the weekend I joined the family at Jiving Jeff’s Rock and Roll night at Lightcliffe Club on Friday night and what an enjoyable time we had (please see the Good Times column).

I HAD to smile when I heard from local triathlon athlete, Nick Hannah who has just run his first Tough Mudder in Cheshire.

Nick, who lives with his family at Woodhouse, in Brighouse, informed my daughter Charlotte and I that they charged him £85 to enter, it would be £10 for his wife to be a spectator but the kids could go free. Wow, that is kind of them, he thought! However, he also had to pay a £10 parking fee.

The venue was in a small town by the name of Cholmondley and I remember in the successful Maurice Bamford era at Halifax RLFC a goalkicking centre by that name, David Cholmondley. Until the PA announcers were corrected that the pronunciation is Chumley for some reason, he got his Cholmondley!

HAD Les Holmes on, manager in chief at Crow Nest Park Golf Club, and he would just like to quell rumours the course is shut for the winter. In fact, as per his advert, `Winter Warmer’ on page 52 in last week’s edition stated, the course is open until the end of January and its 18 holes for £12.

Give club professional Paul Everitt a ring on 01484 401121 to book a round on the best nine hole course in West Yorkshire and beyond.