Big Voice of Sport

OVER the next week the Dubai RU Sevens will be taking place.

As far as publicity is concerned the competition has taken over from the annual Hong Kong Sevens and certainly covers the whole spectrum from top professional sides to the veterans, many of whom are playing for sponsored causes back in their homelands.

There is both a veterans RL team of ex-professionals and a British Amateur RL team there and they have both had intensive coaching sessions before they left earlier this week.

Attendances for some of the matches are going to be at the levels of Premier Division football games, and with nice weather and a real party atmosphere around the stadium it is not surprising a whole host of rugby enthusiasts are also flying there.

INTERESTING seeing some of the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here coverage, and former darts champion Eric `The Crafty Cockney’ Bristow MBE winding up quite a few of his fellow celebs as well as the viewers.

I bumped into him a few years ago when Shaun Fountain brought him to the former Martins Nest on Bradford Road.

He took the Michael out of me in front of a packed pub for having a small camera which was standard issue at the time. He also wasn’t the easiest to deal with when asking questions.

He is still making public appearances up and down the country even though he is no longer on the professional darts circuit. He will no doubt be a lot busier after his prime slots on TV and good luck to him.

ECHO Sport sponsors GMB Union’s Rugby League Players’ Association chief Geoff Burrow was in the Houses of Parliament this week to address MPs on how they are looking after their members.

He was informing them that the RLPA have gained £600,000 compensation for their members over the last three years, have seen massive ongoing membership growth and how they have organised 164 players to attend courses during the 2012 season, plus saving them £320,000-worth of course costs along the way.

Call in and see Emma Bew and see how they can help everyone in the town.

AFTER seeing Ricky Hatton’s failed comeback on Saturday night there is another Sky Boxnation promotion tomorrow (Friday) when former England Test captain and county cricketer Andrew Flintoff steps into the ring following his Lord’s To The Ring documentary on Sky 1.

There will be headguards as he steps into the ring with Richard Dawson, a former street-fighting gang member from Oklahoma.

The American heavyweight has had two fights and won both. Heaven help you, Freddie, old boy.