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The Bin in Rydings Park, Brighouse, which is overflowing
The Bin in Rydings Park, Brighouse, which is overflowing

Over the last few weeks, I have been delivering road safety surveys across communities in Brighouse. This is part of a wider effort by my Conservative colleagues to deliver over 15,000 surveys across the district. So far, I have received a tremendous response from local residents with many people returning the freepost survey to pass on their thoughts with regards to road safety in their area. I have also had the opportunity to discuss this issue with many local parents and grandparents.

So far, the response that I have received has been overwhelmingly in favour of introducing extra road safety measures, such as 20mph zones, directly outside schools.

Some communities have also expressed a desire for additional road safety measures in wider residential areas. Each community across Brighouse experiences different concerns and so it should be down to local people to decide what is best for their particular area.

Since becoming a councillor, I have vigorously campaigned for additional resources for road safety here in Brighouse.

Unfortunately, the Labour-run Council have repeatedly stated that there is no money for improvements in our area. Spending on road safety projects here in Brighouse should be a council priority and I am delighted that it is the Conservatives who are leading the campaign to protect our children and to increase the amount of money going towards road safety projects in our area.

Please contact me on if you would like to join the campaign to make our roads safer.

road safety

Making our road safer in the town

Councillor Scott Benton


help to buy scheme

Simple questions with troubling answers

Anthony Rutherford

Finkil Street, Brighouse

Simple questions can sometimes have troubling answers. Do you feel worse off now than a year ago? Have you seen prices rise and the cost of living go up and up? Is there any chance of your income improving? Is debt good or bad?

I thought the world-wide economic crisis resulted from sub-prime mortgages in the US and a debt crisis round the world caused by casino banking. Surely no one but a fool would pursue more of the same?

David Cameron, George Osborne and the Con-Dem coalition have spent the last three years telling us that debt is bad and that only by paying it down can we hope to see better days. They’ve hammered home a lie that public sector workers caused the crisis. Cuts have followed cuts. Destructive ‘reforms’ have led to a crisis the NHS. Now there’s been no change in the cuts agenda but there has been a shift. Silently at first and then ever more loudly they have set about inflating a house price bubble and increasing debt.

The Chancellor is pressing ahead with his deeply controversial Help To Buy scheme. Help To Buy sees the government guarantee 15 per cent of a mortgage, allowing lenders to provide up to 95 per cent mortgages at reduced risk up to a £600k value. This in turn lowers the rate the banks would charge them for the rest of the loan. It’s Britain’s answer to America’s Fannie Mae, and we all know how that worked out. This is also why Help to Buy has been dubbed ‘right to default’.

We should all worry. Ask yourself is this ‘Help To Buy’ scheme really about a broad and balanced recovery? Do you want to see bankers bonuses subsidised by Osborne’s Funding for Lending scheme? How will the country cope when people default on mortgages we’ve underwritten? As prices soar people are buying houses for more than they are worth.

Last month Sam Fleming of The Times suggested that Mark Carney (the Governor of the Bank of England) needed to speak up and at least privately tell the government that the second phase of Help to Buy — under which taxpayers will underwrite and take on over £130 billion of mortgage debt — should be cancelled.

That seems wise advise to me but rather than cancel Help to Buy, Osborne has brought it forward because there’s supposedly an economic recovery. Wages are frozen and inflation continues to rise so few are sharing in this recovery.

David Cameron said he wants people to be able to afford to buy their own homes and I applaud him for it but does he not realise that Osborne’s cheap debt gizmos are pushing up house prices even more, making houses even less affordable. It’s an economic policy set to benefit a few speculators and leave the rest of us with the bill.

dog bins

Overflowing bins

Annoyed dog owner


As a conscientious dog owner I think the state of the dog bins is disgusting. My photos show the bins in Rydings Park overflowing and people having to leave dog waste on the ground, I can’t remember the last time these were emptied, we have signs up everywhere about picking it up but the council DOESN’T empty them.


Hard shoulder

Mr T. Hill

Granny Hall Park, Brighouse

I wonder if it is possible for somone to tell me what you have to do on the M62 hard shoulder where the hard shoulder is now being used at certain times as a extra lane. Where do you park when you break down?

I know they have put some lay-bys at various intervels, but if you break down and you are not near one, and that lane is being used at peak periods where are you supposed to pull over - bearing in mind you could have a 40 ton lorry using that lane?

I have asked this question several times but don’t seem to get a sensible answer. It may be me but I think this is an accident waiting to happen.