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Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse.
Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse.
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Further to my letter of June 27, I embarked on a survey of Daisy Road and Woodhouse Lane which has taken far longer than I imagined, primarily because most of the residents were at work during the day. I had to discuss the survey with them in the evenings or at the weekends.

I really cannot see how the councillor’s “Consideration on working with her colleagues in Highways to consider how best to manage the traffic and road safety concerns” will be of any value, as undoubtedly it will be conducted during the day, which will not be of any value. The major problems exist between 8am and 9am and 5.30pm and 6.30pm when it is highly likely that the highways personnel will be working.

If Aldi are to open at the junction of Birds Royd Lane and Huddersfield Road, major alterations would need to be made as the traffic lights today give priority to the HUddersfield Road and only three out of four vehicles can exit Birds Royd at a time. Traffic is already backing up after 5pm when the factories finish and this is already causing people to turn around and use Woodhouse Lane, which can be hazardous.

All of the residents who completed the survey consistently made the same points. Ie “They are already aware of traffic using both Daisy Road and Woodhouse Lane as a rat run and express their concerns on the following issues: -

1. The route from Birds Royd is extremely dangerous in two areas. The bend to turn over the railway, poor vision on narrow bend.

2. Woodhouse Lane is very narrow and steep approaching the junction with Ryecroft Lane. The danger is that the vision is restricted by the steep incline and the bend is not visible until the vehicle is within 30 yards. Because cars are parked along Woodhouse Lane on the left hand side, traffic going down are forced to use the right hand side at the bend.

3. The overall opinion is that the volume of traffic is already increasing with the traffic from the factories on Birds Royd in both the morning and evening to and from Huddersfield Road.

They also stressed that the speed limit throughout the area should be 20mph with cameras to ensure that drivers do not exceed the speed limit. Without cameras drivers disregard the signs. The value of cameras can be seen travelling from Bradley roundabout to Huddersfield where drivers observe the limits purely because they do not wish to receive a fine and points on their licence.

There should also be signs indicating the dangerous corners, in both directions.

The Rastrick ward councillors did not wish Ryecroft Lane residents to find out what their concerns were and according to my survey none of the residents of Daisy Road or Woodhouse Lane that I spoke to, have ever received a visit either. traffic

Concerns of future highways

Len Davies

Ryecroft Lane, Brighouse


British Heart Foundation thank shoppers

Mavis Dillon

Area manager for BHS shops

I am writing to thank you and your readers for the support you’ve shown so far for West Yorkshire British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops Great British Bag-athon.

BHF shops are aiming to raise 1 million bags of unwanted things throughout the month of September so we really need the West Yorkshire community to join in, have a clear out and donate bags of unwanted things to BHF West Yorkshire shops. Taking part is easy, fill up one bag or many full with unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags, books, DVDs and homewares and donate to your local BHF shop.

Every bag you fill makes a real difference in the fight for every heartbeat and could be worth £20 to the BHF, helping to fund life-saving research into fight heart disease.

If you have lots of things to donate, why not take on a Bag-athon challenge and aim to raise anything from 5, 10 or even 15 bags for BHF West Yorkshire shops. You can even ask friends and family to help you reach your target – the more you bag, the more researchers the BHF can fund and the more lives they can save.

There’s still time for everyone in West Yorkshire to get involved and raise bags for the Great British Bag-athon. Those unwanted killer heels can help give heart disease the boot. You can even book a free collection from your door by calling 0844 412 5000.