Letter: Why such disregard?

The flytipped rubbish in Brighouse
The flytipped rubbish in Brighouse

Whilst out walking on Tuesday, January 3 I came across a large amount of household rubbish including a quantity of used baby nappies and a burned out sofa illegally dumped at the bottom of the stone steps leading in to woodland situated part way down Boothroyd Lane located off Lower Edge Road Rastrick, leading to Henry Smith School.

In addition to this, whilst walking up Booth Royd Lane towards Lower Edge Road and glancing over the stone wall situated on the left hand side of the lane, to my horror and disgust I noticed an even larger pile of household waste, bicycle frames, general rubbish etc, which had been illegally dumped by uncaring house holders no doubt living in the local area.

Why do these people show such disregard for their neighbourhood, neighbours, local countryside and the law regarding fly tipping? Needless to say that I have now been reported to the local council who will, hopefully, arrange for the rubbish to be removed and alert the local police so that the culprits to be traced and punished.

I hope you will publish this article in order that your readers and hopefully the culprits will know people care and their uncaring actions have been brought to the attention of the local authorities.

Derrick McDermott, by email