Letter: We need to make our own decisions

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In reply to the letter from councillors James Baker and Janet Battye (May 4).

We hear a lot about hard and soft brexit, but what does it mean? The terms are vague.

We need a settlement that is good for Britain and the long term future of Europe, not the European Union. The EU will collapse.

It is based on an economic concept that cannot work. A nation cannot function without controlling its currency by revaluing, devaluing or responding to market forces. The longer this matter is ignored the more catastrophic the collapse.

EU polices have ruined and continue to wreck the economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain causing bankruptcy, high unemployment and extinguishing their hope for asatisfactory future in the EU.

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty was agreed under EU law to allow any member to leave in an orderly manner.

The unelected EU negotiators have no right to frustrate this procedure.

We need to democratically make our own decisions. We need to regulate immigration and control our borders.

We need to trade freely throughout the world. Is this hard or soft? I don’t know, perhaps Couns Baker and Battye can elucidate, but it willbe a sensible brexit.

Having left, other dissatisfied members will follow our lead to a better future exercising their self determination.

Nick Yates, Laverock Lane, Brighouse