Letter: The strength of the 48 per cent should be felt

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I went down to London last Saturday for the Unite for Europe march to Westminster. I went to represent my daughter and my 16 year old grandson as well as my husband and myself.

That’s three generations of remain voters. In our family, as in many families across the country, the age groups speak with the same voice, in spite of being told there is a big generational divide. Not with us there isn’t.

Don’t try to divide us. We need to work together for a better future for us all.

Before someone says “you lost, get over it”, of course we know we lost the vote last June. We really are not stupid! We are democrats.

Democracy gives us the right to oppose the June decision, just as we could after a General Election if our choice of political party was defeated. That’s how democracy works.

I came away from the rally and speeches on Parliament Square on Saturday feeling that the 48 per cent have a strong voice and strong arguments. We also have a duty to uphold democracy so that we all have a chance to scrutinise and vote on the deal our Government and Europe come up with in two years time.

The strength of the 48 per cent should be felt in every town in the UK. What can Calderdale do?

Sarah Pennie, by email