Letter: Sort out ‘road rage heaven’ in Rastrick

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Apart from the clueless, the brainless and ‘it never applies to me’ brigade, the regular mentally stable citizens of the Rastrick neighbourhood will now be aware, and have noticed, the appearance of some new circular street art.

Over a period of the last few months Calderdale Council’s Highways Department have erected throughout Rastrick and the neighbouring sunny Brighouse area, twenty and thirty miles per hour road signs.

I can only hazard a guess as to the direction of this executive decision - is it a county direction or has it been rolled out on a national basis too?

However, the desk-bound bunch of executive elite responsible for this latest attempt of traffic calming, overcome by goodwill and hearty good cheer, have so far sadly failed on this occasion in their attempt to curtail the antics of a minority in search of volume and high speed motion.

At the inception and early days of mechanised motoring there used to be a brave young person stationed at the front of a moving vehicle with a red flag in hand. These days it would appear to many of the speed freaks that a circular red banded road sign denotes ‘a red rag to a bull’!

It is usually somebody else’s family that suffer the consequences of a fatal road accident caused by a selfish speed freak that lost control of a vehicle - someone’s daughter or son, maybe a mother or father, devastation for the bereaved family, in grief for years.

The outpouring of crocodile tears and feign remorse demonstrated by the perpetrators of these fatal accidents is enough to make one throw up in your morning porridge.

Tiptronic and paddle shift gearboxes, lowered suspension, a multitude of aftermarket accessories fitted to these speed machines, exhaust pipes the size of the Channel Tunnel! The sound of a stereophonic howl at 3am in the morning echoing through the Rastrick valleys, the bark from a drainpipe size exhaust is a regular experience for people in Rastrick.

I find the new speed signs an exercise in total squander and futility.

To witness the early morning school run is another sight to behold; children shipped in from across the border in Kirklees to Rastrick High School 10 minutes before the 9am deadline. Cars with rear signs denoting ‘child on board’ etc, the first lesson in speed by the mother drivers, the manoeuvres are quite hair-raising.

Not to mention the high-speed teenage Rastrick wheelie-ing scooter club, or how about a fine selection of the local taxi drivers,

The suits in the Westminster asylum are always pontificating about the virtues of being the fifth richest country in the world. Really? In that case where are all the police to enforce the laws? Where are all the nurses and doctors to mend us?

With recent information published in the daily papers it sounds like there is enough money for the proposed HS2, another white elephant. There comes a time in life when one gets sick and tired of digesting chaff.

Just a final note, fired at the Calderdale Highways decision makers - any chance of making the rat run ‘Bridge End’ a one way up from the mini roundabout? It’s road rage heaven 6am to 9am weekdays.

We live in hope.