Letter: So proud of our caring community

Pebbles is now safe and back home
Pebbles is now safe and back home

We wanted to publish something in the Echo concerning an incident last weekend.

We were looking after my daughter’s dog Pebbles while she was away. The first 24 hours passed without event and we attended the spring market with Pebbles and were stopped by numerous people who made a fuss of her.

Unfortunately, on Sunday morning while on our doorstep, she heard something and bolted away from our house on Sefton Crescent up towards Crow Nest Golf Club . Numerous neighbours tried to catch her and a chase ensued from Sefton via Laverock Lane as far as Bracken Road.

At this point she disappeared and despite trawling the area for hours there were no further sightings until late Sunday night when she was seen in Whinney Hill Estate. Postings were made on social media (there were over 1,900 shares) and we put posters up in the surrounding areas.

Whilst trawling the streets and fields we met many, many people who were all doing the same without knowing us or Pebbles. The support was humbling.

Pebbles was next spotted on Monday afternoon and we received eight phone calls in quick succession telling us where she was heading. The upshot was she ended up in the fields between Cliffe Hill and Lightcliffe Academy. Again, on Monday and Tuesday evening many people turned out to look for her.

My daughter and her fiancee Chris got the first available flight on Tuesday and joined the search on Tuesday teatime. They, together with our son Dan, vowed to stay out all evening until they found her. After much calling they heard her at 9.40pm, in the area where she had last been seen, and after climbing over an eight foot fence they found her trapped in a rabbit hole. Chris had to crawl into the very thorny bush to retrieve her.

Myself and my family would like to say a massive thank you to everbody who helped and supported us in looking for Pebbles.

She was safe and well, but very hungry and had sore paws. We have been humbled by the local community’s support and care. We met so many people out looking for her. Thank you so much Brighouse and beyond!

Pebbles has become a celebrity in her own right without having ever been seen by all the people who looked for her.

Community spirit is very much alive and well within Brighouse.

We are very proud to say we are part of this community. It is uplifting and humbling to know there are so many caring people.

Ian and Sam Addy, by email