Letter: Raising precept while making cuts to services is nonsense

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After looking at the plans it makes no sense to me to cut schemes and services that have a positive impact on the children and families of disabled children and children with learning difficulties.

To cut these services now when local schools are facing large cuts in funding in Calderdale leads me to wonder where the council’s priorities are - by the looks of this, not with the families of disabled children in Calderdale.

Also raising the council tax through the social care precept, then saying they still have to cut services looks to me that councillors of all parties need to look again at viable solutions.

I have no problem with a rise in the social care precept.

But to raise it and say you still need to cut services makes no sense.

There must be other ways to address the lack of funding the council recieves from central government without taking it from the most vulnerable people.

Katherine Horner, by email