Letter: Let’s keep our air clean

Hipperholme Crossroad
Hipperholme Crossroad

Re: Action needed in air pollution blackspots (Echo, April 6).

Air quality, tested consistently in problem areas such as Hipperholme, Salter Hebble and Brighouse, causes difficulties depending on weather and traffic conditions.

Flowing traffic is not usually a problem; most pollution is produced when vehicles areslowing and accelerating.

The removal of speed bumps and chicanes, the more efficient use of traffic lights and care in the positioning of 20 mph signs will all help but expose other health and safety issues.

I am convinced most motorists avoid busy times if they can and sadly believe Coun Collins’ suggestion that drivers are able to change one in five of their journeys to reduce air pollution is little more than a forlorn hope.

However the council do have the power to divert traffic when the pollution is too high by the manipulation of traffic lights etc. I am not aware of this procedure being used, although it has been legally available to them for a number of years. I wonder if now is the time to give this some serious thought.

A different approach which has many environmental advantages is to replace the trees felled in recent years and plant more.

I take my lead from the wise words displayed on a permanent poster in Wellholme Park.

The poster decorated with trees and greenery declares “Go healthy; please keep air clean.” by Daniel, aged seven of Leemount Primary School.

Nick Yates, Brighouse