Letter: Let’s get bridge into town smartened up

Huddersfield Road Bridge, Bridghouse
Huddersfield Road Bridge, Bridghouse

I am a resident of Brighouse living on the Huddersfield Road side of the town.

I really think something should be done to the Huddersfield Road bridge the main gateway to Brighouse. The paintwork is so rusty and peeling badly.

The lamps are so dirty they give out no light at all. Two have no lamp heads on at all and some have no bulbs in so do not work. While the coat of arms is looking positively scruffy.

I know finances are stretched but surely it would not cost too much to smarten up this entrance to Brighouse and Calderdale as a whole. Brighouse puts on a lot of events throughout the year and to have the bridge looking smart would give a good impression of a vibrant small town

Jan Senior, Wherwell Road, Brighouse