Letter: Elmroyd always welcoming and had a family feel

Elm Royd Care Home, Brighouse.
Elm Royd Care Home, Brighouse.

I am writing to you in regard to the report you have published about Elmroyd Nursing Home.

I was a carer at the home for the past four years until the very last day the home closed its doors.

I am not saying that the home didn’t have issues as it did, as do 99 per cent of most other homes within the care setting.

All I can say is that all residents in our care were treated with respect and dignity, and were all cared for brilliantly.

The home was offered regular praise from relatives, other health professionals visiting the home and nurses working for Thornbury, about the care which was provided. Every member of staff in the home was there for one reason and one reason only - because they cared!

Everybody went above and beyond to ensure all residents in their care were safe and well looked after and that was the main aim of everybody when they arrived for their shift.

The care which was provided at Elmroyd had meant a number of residents in the past had received a new lease of life after been admitted for end of life care, and this had meant they were able to either return home or reside in residential housing.

If Elmroyd was so bad and the care was so terrible, how would this have been possible for anybody, let alone an elderly frail resident?

Elmroyd Nursing Home has always had a very homely, welcoming feel and we were all more like a family.

All staff worked well together and there was always such a positive vibe from the staff for both residents and visitors of the home.

I therefore disagree with the meaningless comments made within your report.

The company had its reasons to close the home and, as stated, have refused to discuss the reasons behind it as it is not anyone’s business.

From speaking to the relatives of the residents in our care they are very upset about your report.

One relative of a resident who has had to move her mother is very unhappy in her new residence and has said, “It is nothing like Elmroyd, and nowhere ever will be, it’s very sad.”

I can assure you not one relative or resident from Elmroyd have had anything negative to say about the home and we are all exceptionally pleased with the care received.