Letter: Don’t use the NHS as a football

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Over the next few days there will no doubt be much said about the National Health Service during the run-up to the election, some of it good, some of it critical.

Last week I had a wonderful experience which I would like to relate.

I was almost blind in my left eye; I could see a faint ghostly outline of subject just a few feet in front of me. Last Wednesday I had surgery to put an implant into the eye, a little uncomfortable but not painful. On Thursday morning I looked out of the window and could read car number plates without the need for glasses, something I haven’t been able to do for over 50 years.

I owe this vast improvement in my life to my surgeon, Mr Aguirre, and his team at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. It was provided by the National Health Service at no cost to me although I have been paying into the coffers for over 50 years.

So although the National Health Service is under funded and could be more efficient, I personally have much to thank it for and politicians should not kick it around to score a few points.