Letter: Devolution could lead to cash for our creaking infrastructure

Calderdale trains
Calderdale trains

I write in to agree whole-heartedly with the chairman of the Halifax and District Rail Action Group, Stephen Waring, who made the case for electrification of the railways in Yorkshire.

The minister can’t get away with the scrapping of long standing plans to electrify the Midlands Mainline by claiming the bi-mode trains as a better replacement.

As HADRAG rightly argue, the bi-modes use diesel, and use more energy than pure electric. Especially in light of the recent news that diesel and petrol cars will be no longer in Britain by 2040, you have to ask why diesel is fine to use in trains - and why Chris Grayling keeps heralding bi-modes as some new perfect technology.

With 40,000 premature deaths a year linked to air pollution, we all need to take action on emissions and electrifying the railways that run through the most stunning parts of our county was crucial to that.

Grayling doesn’t help himself by binning the electrification of the North one day and the next approving Crossrail 2 for £30bn in London - it looks again like Yorkshire is getting stitched up from Westminster. The sooner our region can get devolution from London, the sooner people who know Yorkshire can get some much needed investment in our creaking infrastructure.