Letter: Brighouse will suffer under plan


Months after the consultation on the Local Plan finished, our Labour council leaders have confirmed what we knew all along: that Brighouse and Rastrick will be forced to accommodate the majority of the borough’s housing allocation.

In fact, we are expected to take almost 6,000 of the total number of houses for the whole of Calderdale, which is 11 000.

Whilst many areas have had sites for development removed following the consultation, our allocation is exactly the same as it originally was, despite thousands of Brighouse residents writing in as part of the consultation.

This level of housing will make life unbearable in Brighouse.

Where are the plans for upgrading our road network?

Where are the plans for new schools, doctors, and for all of the other services that local people will need if these plans go through?

It is staggering to think that the council can be so irresponsible as to expect Brighouse to accommodate all of this growth without having its infrastructure upgraded.

Singling Brighouse out for such a ridiculous level of development is absolutely outrageous.

We all recognise that we should accept some new housing, as should other towns in Calderdale.

But to allocate Brighouse half of the total development for the whole of Calderdale when we are only a fraction of its total population really is beyond the pale.

It has long been apparent that the Labour-run council couldn’t care less about this town.

It really is time for change at the council –without kicking out the current regime Brighouse will be consigned to suffer under the consequences of this plan for a long time to come