king cross Car park is empty - now that it is no longer free

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Last Friday, visiting King Cross in Halifax for my weekly shop, I parked in the Calderdale Council car park and noticed it was almost empty – it was then that I realised that the car park was no longer free. I paid up of course and wandered to King Cross Lane to complete my shopping task.
As usual there were several cars flouting the single yellow line parking restrictions – but, over years I have come to accept that Calderdale MBC must be flushed with money in their inaction to correct the penalty fines. Returning home I read through the local newspaper, noticing the various protest at the imposition the car park charges by Calderdale Council. I also noticed another article pointing out that Halifax Rugby League Club had not paid rent on their use of The Shay Stadium, going back to September 2012, the amount outstanding being some £65,000. In the sports section of the newspaper, the Chaiman indicated that he hoped that Halifax RLFC would be successful in winning their league and pocketing up to £500,000 in the process. It would be interesting to learn what the current financial position of Halifax RLFC is – how much do they owe to Calderdale MBC for various things and in various guises – are they up to date with all forms of Tax? I am required to pay Calderdale MBC, not just the 40pence for renting a car park space (a bit small than The Shay) but also Council Tax.How can the Council allow this situation to exist? Send a collection officer to the next home game and stand by the turnstiles and pick up some cash. If the Chairman is confidant of the Club’s future both on and off the field let him and his fellow Directors pay the outstanding bills and repay themselves when Fax win the league. I sense that once again Government bodies, both Local and National are giving preference to professional sporting organisations.Next time there are complaints about the closure of libraries or care homes – protest outside the Stadiums of the Club’s involved!

Peter Broadley